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Pala Cultural Resource Committee

Who We Are

The Pala Cultural Resource Committee (PCRC) is a volunteer advisory group to the Pala Executive Committee and the General Council about issues related to cultural resource protection, preservation, management, and revitalization. The PCRC is open to all adult Pala tribal members.

What We Do

The PCRC meets to discuss issues of concern to the Pala Band of Mission Indians that involve cultural resource affairs, including:

  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)
  • Repatriation of NAGPRA cultural items
  • Research on publicly-funded museum and university collections
  • Curation of repatriated items and other items of cultural significance, including archaeological collections, cultural objects, artworks, historical records, photographs, and documents
  • Consultation on development projects taking place within PBMI’s Traditional Use Area
  • Developing a cultural monitoring program
  • Updating and expanding cultural facilities
  • Education, outreach, materials, programs, classes, and other events

How We Do It

In the summer of 2017, the PCRC began to develop through community interest in cultural preservation issues. Flyers were distributed to generate participation. Once the group was established, the members submitted a proposal outlining the group’s purpose to the Executive Committee and asked for their support. In November 2017, the PCRC was officially recognized as an organized group under the direction of the Executive Committee.

On the third Thursday of each month, the committee members gather at the Pala Administration building to discuss cultural issues, concerns, and events in Indian Country that affect the Pala Tribe. The committee is a volunteer opportunity for members to be actively involved in advising the Executive Committee and General Council on repatriation possibilities as well as stay informed on happenings on tribally connected lands in the area.

The PCRC board consists of twelve Pala tribal members. However, we understand all tribal members have a valuable voice and therefore maintain an open-door policy welcoming all tribal members to attend meetings and events.

The PCRC works side-by-side with the Cupa Cultural Board, a separate tribal organization, and maintains the commitment to a solid joint working relationship on all cultural issues.

Together we will work to repatriate cultural items and ancestral remains and do so in the most culturally appropriate manner. Continued research, education, meetings, training opportunities, grant funding, and strong working relationships within Indian Country will be key factors in our continued success.

Recent Projects and Training

  • Reinterment of fragmented bones discovered at a local housing development project
  • Repatriation and reinterment of two sets of human remains and other items from the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum at UC Berkeley (expenses covered by a National Park Service grant)
  • Introduction to NAGPRA training
  • Section 106 Basics
  • Specialized training for individual members (NAGPRA, tribal monitoring, etc.)

Current Board Members

Sophia Alvarado
Arthur Ayala
Robert Chavez
Diana Duro
Ricci Duro
DaNikka Huss
Richard Lavato
Jenah Lattin
Erika McKee
Christopher Nejo
Eric Ortega
Theressa Villa

Meeting Information

Third Thursday of the month at 5 pm at the Pala Administration Building

Pala Cultural Resource Committee

For more information contact the Pala Cultural Resource Committee:
760-891-3500 | | Pala Cultural Resources Committee.

Pala Cultural Resource Committee – For the protection, preservation, management, and revitalization of Pala’s cultural resources.